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Chaotic Muse

the graphics journal of street_symphony

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chaotic muse
t h e g r a p h i c s j o u r n a l

chaoticxmuse is my personal graphics journal. I post mostly icons, but I will post anything I feel like because I create graphics as the name implies. The muse is chaotic. I might post anime one day and Bon Jovi the next. I could post icons today and banners tomorrow. It depends on my mood. But why is this here? Since I felt I was using too much space to post icons on my personal journal, street_symphony, I thought I'd make a separate journal for my graphics. You are more than welcome to friend me or join the community, but only I can make posts as it's my journal. It's just a place where all of my icon posts can collect instead of stacking up in my personal journal. I previously posted at silverwing_ss, so if you're wondering, this is my new graphics home. :)

e x a m p l e s o f m y i c o n s

w h a t t o k n o w

My icon journal is completely public, so I don't require you to join to see my graphics. These are more reminders than anything. Nothing too involved here. :)

1. Credits and comments are lovely but not required. It is helpful to those who want to find my icons if they like one that you're using, so if you'd like to credit, either street_symphony or chaoticxmuse is fine.
2. Textless icons are not bases.
3. Do not hot link.
4. Do not take my icons and claim you created them.

My only real rule is that I don't do requests unless you see a request post. However, if you'd like an alteration of an icon I've already made (such as added/different text), feel free to ask. Also, if you wonder how I did something, go right ahead and ask me. I mainly use GIMP, and I'm happy to answer any questions within the realm of my knowledge.

j o u r n a l c r e d i t s

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