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Happy Holidays

A Happy Holidays to you if you celebrate this holiday season. ^_^

According to the rules, I don't normally do this because I have no time. The lack of posting lately should be enough of an indication that I don't. However, since my classes have ended, I do have more time on my hands at night. Since it is the holiday season, I'm offering icon requests.

Because the comm here is fairly small, I won't place a limit on the number of people who submit a request, but I will ask that you limit your request to 3 icons. I have a handy little form below if you'd like a few. Simply post the form in your comment for every icon you would like (limit of 3).

Keep in mind that this was offered to my f-list at my journal first, so those requests would take priority since I know anyone over there took a spot first.

Any specific text:
Images you would like used:

As far as images go, I am not a miracle worker. Provide me with something larger and of good quality.

I'll be in an out, so wait for me to respond to your request. I'm still gone most of the day during the week, but I'm not running around at night like I was before, which means I have more time for creating graphics.

- street_symphony
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